Possum Cookies


High in Omega 3 & 6, Protein and Low Fat

Perfect Treat for you furry friend

These cookies are 100% natural with no added nasties, they are full of deliciousness and air-dried to pack in the tastiness for you pooch.


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These wild Possums are gobbling up our lush NZ flora and turning it into a tasty feast for our furry friends. It’s no secret that these Cookies are packed with Omega fatty acids, which are like superheroes fighting inflammation. And talk about a vitamin and mineral powerhouse! Our pets won’t find better fuel to keep them bouncing with energy!

The possum is sourced in the south island, the meat is minced, pressed, frozen and then cut up into cookies.

Break into smaller pieces, feed as a whole or crumb over your pooches meal. either way their gonna love it.

Happy snacking!


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