Introducing Raw and More

Feeding Monty and Your Dog the Healthiest and Most Balanced Diet Possible!

We are Jana, Felix, and Monty from Taupo (actually Germany).
As soon as Monty joined us, we had him on a raw diet, knowing that  after much research it would be the most balanced and complete diet possible for him.


Meet the team

Ethically sourced Dog food in Taupo

A carefully chosen raw diet does not contain any artificial preservatives or additives. We ensured that the products we selected for Monty were of animals that never received any antibiotics and were fed ethically correctly. We know what is in our food, so we want to know what we are feeding Monty.

Having to drive a lot or wait for certain delivery days to get raw food for Monty has always been the downside of this diet. And that is one of the reasons why we started Raw and More.

We want to help and make the raw diet for our furry friends more accessible in Taupo. Our products are hand-selected from several New Zealand companies with only New Zealand products. Everything we are offering, we would happily feed Monty. And we know he’d love it

Unlock Optimal Nutrition for Your Furry Companion with Raw and More!

Why do we choose to feed raw?

Because we believe it’s the ultimate way to nourish our furry companions, providing them with all the goodness they deserve. A carefully selected raw diet ensures no artificial preservatives or additives for Monty, our German Short-Haired Pointer.

And the perks?

Oh, there are plenty! With a raw diet, Monty enjoys better dental health – chewy bones and treats do wonders! Plus, if he has any meat sensitivities, finding flavourful alternatives is a breeze. Variety is the key to a balanced and complete diet, thanks to various meats, organs, and bones. And let’s not forget the shinier coat, reduced irritation, and smaller, less smelly poops!

Feeding raw means giving Monty more energy to tackle his adventures, easier digestion and optimal extraction of essential minerals and vitamins.

Because it’s simply the best for Monty, just like how we choose ethically sourced, additive-free meat for ourselves. Join us on this raw food journey, and let’s make it accessible for all dogs in the Lake Taupo area. We’re here to help with transitioning because we believe every dog deserves the best.

Place your order this week and choose your delivery or pickup time – don’t worry, we are flexible too. 

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Delivery | Friday
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Our Mission Statement

At Raw and More our mission is to promote the wellbeing of Pets by providing high-quality raw pet food. We are committed to offer a stress-free service for the pet owner with ethically sourced products.

Our customized meatboxes help time poor dog owners who want to enhance their dogs wellbeing with quality raw food by providing a time saving solution that is delivered to their door