We consider our environmental impact in all that we do.

Unveiling the Packaging Innovations and the Eco-Friendly Quest for High-Quality Dog Food!

From the beginning, it was vital for us to be as sustainable as possible. We started researching the best packaging methods and talking to people working in the sustainable/environmental sector.

Environmental Policy

Get Rid of Harmful Polystyrene Discover Raw and More's Sustainable Solution

Get Rid of Harmful Polystyrene Discover Raw and More’s Sustainable Solution

Number One Alternative

Polystyrene is a dangerous air pollutant and significantly threatens humans, the environment and wildlife. Polystyrene is not biodegradable and takes over 500 years to decompose. Polystyrene, during decomposition, leaches harmful chemicals into the environment.

After research, we came across Chilltainers:

  • Chilltainers are New Zealand-made.
  • Made from sustainable paper sources, they are easy to flatten, reuse and re-pack. 
  • Chilltainers are 85% recyclable. 

In contrast to Polystyrene/EPS Chilltainers are:

  • Less bulky
  • No oil content
  • No breakages
  • Reusable 
  • Eliminate the massive disposal and environmental cost of Polystyrene/EPS.

    Reduce Wasteand Improve Mealtimes

    Reduce Waste and Improve Mealtimes

    Our next step was to find cooling/ice packs to keep our food frozen and fresh.

    We decided to go with Thermogard Gel Packs.

    • Thermogard Gel Packs packs contain 99% water and 1% polymer.
    • Thermogard Gel Packs are reusable and do not contain any chemical nasties or toxic ingredients to humans or animals.
    • The Gel Packs last 30% longer than water packs and produce less condensation.

    Here is an excellent read for the Ice water pack vs the Gel Pack.

    Ingredients in Thermogard gel ice packs have been used in plant nurseries for many years. Horticulturalists use the same technology to retain and slowly release moisture in the soil.

    Thermogard’s gel ice packs won’t harm the environment or clog up your drain. Made of super-absorbent polymer, the Gel does not release harmful gasses even in landfills.

    We have considered everything

    Safe and sustainable disposal of Thermogard Gel Ice Packs


    Step 1

    Return them

    on the next delivery!

    We want to encourage our customers to return their boxes and gel packs to us so we can keep reusing them for as long as possible and reduce waste as much as possible.

    1. Leave the box and gel packs on your door steps for Felix to pick up, or if you are using our Pick-up Service at Lake Local, please bring them with you.
    2. Monty would love your pup to come to visit but make sure they have not snuck inside your box before we pick it up!

    Also, should you have any Gel Packs or wool liners from My Food Bag, Hello Fresh or other companies, we are more than happy to take these too.

    For every returned Chilltainers box and Thermogard gel pack we are going to donate to Greening Taupo.

    Step 2

    Directly Dispose

    of the Gel Packs

    Follow these three steps:

    1. Defrost any unwanted Gel Ice Packs and cut them open using scissors.
    2. Spread Gel around your plants to retain water moisture.


    2. You can pour Gel down your drain by adding a teaspoon of salt and mixing it with the Gel. The salt will break up the Gel to a more liquid form, meaning the Gel will not clog your drain.

    2. Empty the Gel into your rubbish bin.


    3. Once you have removed all the Gel, rinse the plastic casing under the tap. You can then recycle the case in a soft plastics recycling bin.

    Unfortunately, at the moment, there is only one way to pack our frozen produce in plastic bags, but we are continuing our research to find better alternatives.

    Keep your Dogs' Meals Fresh and Frozen with Raw and More

    Keep your Dogs’ Meals Fresh and Frozen with Raw and More

    We have decided to vacuum-seal our products to prevent freezer burn and extend their shelf life.

    As we are also sourcing produce from other companies, their products will not be vacuum packed due to those products being pre packed already.

    A hassle-free approach to pet nutrition

    Discover the Raw and More differences and revolutionise how you nurture your dog.
    Opt for premium nutrition without the fuss, savour the time saved, and revel in the peace of mind that you’re giving your dog the best possible care.

    Embark on this exciting journey towards a healthier, happier life for your beloved furry companion. Join us now!