Rabbit & Hare Ears


Crunchy Snack delight for the smaller pooches

Long-Lasting Puppy Joy and Dental Wellness

These air-dried treats offer a chewy delight that’s on the smaller size and features natural hair for added texture.
Support dental health, a lean and hypoallergenic treat, high in Vitamin B, the hair helps clean the tummy.

Sold in 10 Ears per bag


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Not only are they a nutritious treat for your dog, but they also have many health benefits, which include:

  • Improved dental health: Since rabbit ears are dried, they create an abrasive action against the surface of the teeth as they are chewed. This removes plaque and the build-up of food.
  • Improved digestion: Our rabbit ears are covered in hair. As the hair travels through the intestines, it gently brushes trapped, undigested food away, improving the ability of the intestines to absorb nutrients.
  • Natural deworming: Much like how rabbit ears improve digestion, as the hair brushes the insides of the intestines, they also help to remove worms. They are not a completely effective dewormer, so worm egg counts and medicinal dewormers will still be required, however, they help to keep the worm burden low.
  • Improved anal gland health: As already mentioned, hair contains fibre, which helps to firm up the stools. If your dog struggles with recurrent anal gland impactions, firmer stools will help squeeze them as they pass by, resulting in fewer impactions and secondary infections.
  • Decreased anxiety: Chewing has been scientifically proven to trigger a release of endorphins, which will help your dog relax and feel less anxious. Chewing is an ideal stress-relieving distraction during phobic events, such as fireworks or thunderstorms.

Hypoallergenic: Many producers of rabbit ears claim they are hypoallergenic and are suitable for dogs with food allergies. While this isn’t entirely true, as dogs can be allergic to rabbit proteins, it is very rare for a dog to be allergic to rabbit as it is a novel protein. Therefore, most dogs with allergies can tolerate it well.


Sold in 10 ears per bag


When it comes to treating your dog to some Rabbit & Hare ears, remember these tips to keep things fun and safe:

Keep an eye on your doggo while they’re indulging in their first-ever ear delight. Supervision is the game’s name to avoid any unexpected chewing mishaps or choking hazards.

Size matters! Be sure to pick deer ears that suit your pup’s proportions. Bigger ears are for bigger buddies, and smaller ears are for petite pals.

Moderation is the key to a well-balanced treat game. Furry ears can provide dental benefits and excitement but remember to offer them in moderation so your pup keeps a balanced diet.

Expand their treat horizon with the delicious diversion of ears. Your dog will appreciate the dental perks and the tasty twist.

Keep these tips in mind, and let your pup enjoy the wonders of deer ears! 🦌🐾

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