New Zealand Lamb Bone Brew


Bone broth will improve health and vitality by helping to soothe a challenged digestive system and support healthy joint function.

The Essential Broth Co Bone Brew for Cats and Dogs is made from lamb and simmered low and slow with the best locally sourced ingredients:

A nourishing source of collagen, bone marrow, amino acids and minerals. Bone Broth is liquid gold for Cats and Dogs. Easily digested and full of probiotics and nutrients, it is ideal if your pet suffers from inflammatory or poor coat conditions.


  • Wilson Hellaby Lamb
  • Coral Tree organic apple cider vinegar
  • Filtered Water

Note. Store frozen and use straight from the freezer or defrost. Once opened, refrigerate and use within three days, or place into moulds and freeze for bite-sized bits for the size of your pup. Feed as part of a balanced diet.

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Like other types of bone broth, Lamb bone broth offers a bunch of fantastic benefits for our furry friends when included in their balanced diet. Let’s dive into some of the pawsome perks:

  • Joint Health: Packed with glucosamine and chondroitin, bone broth supports those joints, especially for our senior pups and those dealing with arthritis.
  • Digestive Health: The gelatin in bone broth is like a soothing balm for the tummies of our pups with sensitive stomachs or GI issues like IBS.
  • Hydration Hero: Bone broth’s high water content keeps our canine companions well-hydrated, a pawticularly useful tip for those who tend to shy away from the water bowl.
  • Nutrient Party: The slow cooking process unlocks the nutrients from the bones and connective tissues, giving our pups easily absorbable minerals like calcium and phosphorus.
  • Immunity Boost: Thanks to its amino acids and minerals, bone broth supports a healthy immune system, helping our four-legged pals fight off infections and stay in good health.
  • Tempting Tastes: The lip-smacking aroma and delectable flavour of bone broth can turn any picky pooch into a chowhound, making it pawfect for pups recovering from illness or surgery.
  • Coat and Skin Goals: The collagen in bone broth keeps our furry friends looking fabulous with healthy skin and a shiny coat, making those dry and itchy skin conditions a thing of the past.
  • Calorie-wise: Bone broth won’t tip the scale, as it’s generally low in calories. So, it’s a safe bet for our pup pals on a weight management journey.

Bone broth is a tail-wagging treat that goes beyond ordinary goodness. Treat your furry friend to its nourishing benefits today! 

Note. Remember, when introducing new foods to your dog’s diet, always watch them closely for any signs of adverse reactions. Their well-being is our top priority! It’s worth mentioning that while bone broth offers potential benefits, it should be seen as a valuable addition to your diet rather than a mere source of nutrition.


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