Lamb Boneless Bites


Boneless Lamb Bites – The Protein-packed Lamb Delight!

100% pure New Zealand lamb – no fillers, funky stuff, or added nonsense. Just pure, unadulterated goodness.



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NZ Boneless Lamb cut into bite sized pieces.

100% NZ South Island Lamb. No fillers, by-product free, grain free, preservative free

Lamb is high in protein, B vitamins and essential amino acids, also a great source of dietary fat.

  • Vitamin B12 – For maintaining healthy blood cells
  • Vitamin B3 – Important to prevent heart disease
  • Selenium – In trace amounts, this acts as an antioxidant to prevent cell damage
  • Zinc – Great for producing hormones & overall body growth
  • Phosphorus – needed to maintain bone health
  • Iron – Great for blood health and bone development

When incorporating Lamb mince into your dog’s raw food diet, there are a few key things to keep in mind. Let’s break it down:

  • Balance is key: Make sure your furry friend’s overall raw food diet is well-rounded and balanced. That means including a variety of protein sources, organs, bones, and if needed, some wholesome veggies and fruit.
  • Quantity matters: Be gradual when introducing new foods, keeping a close eye on your dog for any signs of allergies or sensitivities. Adjust the portion size based on your pup’s size, weight, and activity level.
  • Consult your vet: Before making any major changes to your doggo’s diet, especially when it comes to introducing new sources of protein, it’s always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian. They’ll help ensure that the diet meets your dog’s specific nutritional needs.

Remember, every dog is unique, so always consider their individual health status and nutritional requirements. Happy feeding! 🐾




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