Hare Mince Bites


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Unleashing Nutrient-Packed Delicacies

Full of vital antioxidants, niacin (regulates energy metabolism), phosphorus (important for the cell membrane structure)



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Feeding raw-fed dogs mince bites of hare is like serving them a gourmet meal filled with nutritional wonders! Let’s explore the paw-some benefits:

  • High-Quality Protein: Hare meat pumps up those muscles and fuels overall doggy vitality with its top-notch protein.
  • Lean Protein Source: If your pup needs to watch their waistline or has special dietary needs, hare meat’s leanness makes it the perfect choice.
  • Rich in Essential Nutrients: Iron, zinc, phosphorus, and B vitamins go beyond the basics, boosting energy, immunity, and well-being for your furry friend.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Hare meat’s omega-3s do wonders for skin, coat, and joint health and might even fight off those pesky inflammations.
  • Natural Taurine Content: While organ meats like the heart steal, the show when it comes to taurine, helps keep your dog’s heart healthy.
  • Novel Protein Source: Got a doggo with food sensitivities or allergies? Hare meat plays hide-and-seek with usual triggers, giving you a safe bet.
  • Natural Palatability: The wild game flavour of hare drives dogs wild with delight- perfect for picky eaters or those swapping to raw food.
  • Bioavailability Galore: Compared to regular meats, wild game like hare offers more readily available nutrients, taking nutrition to the next level for your pup.

Serve up some oh-so-good hare mince bites – your four-legged buddy will thank you with wagging tails and slobbery kisses!

When it comes to adding hare mince bites to your beloved raw-fed dog’s diet, let’s consider a few essential points:

Balance is key: Make sure to keep the overall raw food diet well-balanced, incorporating a mix of protein sources, organs, bones, and veggies if needed. It’s all about providing a wholesome experience!

Spice it up with variety: Introduce a range of protein sources to give your furry friend a wide array of nutrients and avoid any dietary imbalances. Let their taste buds explore the delicious wonders!

Listen to your doggo: As you make dietary changes, keep a vigilant eye on how your pup responds, and make adjustments gradually. Their well-being is our priority!

Let’s ensure a nourishing and exciting feast for your furry companion! 🐾





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