Raw Pawz Veal Chunks


Vital Veal

Nourishing Your Raw-Fed Dog

Meaty veal chunks are a meal on a bone!
A great source of protein including vitamins B3, B6 & B12, phosphorus, zinc, niacin and riboflavin


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Feeding veal chunks to a raw-fed dog comes with a host of potential benefits, thanks to the nutrient-rich nature of this meat marvel. Let’s dig in and explore the advantages:

  • High-Quality Protein: Veal serves up a hefty portion of top-notch protein, delivering the essential amino acids that give your puppy’s muscles the strength to keep going.
  • Lean Protein Source: Veal has a lean reputation compared to other meats, making it ideal for our furry friends on a low-fat diet quest.
  • Rich in Iron: The iron goodness in veal fuels the formation of hemoglobin, helping those red blood cells transport oxygen like VIPs in the bloodstream.
  • B Vitamins: Veal packs a punch for B vitamins, including the mighty B12, champion of neurological function and red blood cell construction.
  • Zinc Content: The zinc in veal unlocks the door to immune function, radiant skin, and speedy wound healing. Talk about a superpower!
  • Palatability: Veal’s finger-licking flavour has wooed many a doggo, especially those picky eatin’ pals or those venturing into the world of raw diets.
  • Variety in Diet: By including veal in your dog’s culinary adventures, you treat their taste buds to a symphony of nutrients, paving the way for their overall health.
  • Natural Taurine Content: While taurine usually clinches centre stage in organ meats, like the heart, exploring different meat cuts like veal can contribute to your dog’s taurine intake, supporting their heart health as a true hero.

Now, your dog will live the real life with benefits that make tails wag and taste buds dance! 

To introduce scrumptious veal chunks into your raw-fed dog’s diet, keep these points in mind:

Balanced Diet: Treat your furry friend to a wholesome raw food feast that includes a variety of protein sources, organs, bones, and, if desired, some veggies for added crunch.

And… here’s a little reminder! Each dog is unique and might have different reactions to new foods. So, observe closely and make adjustments accordingly. Woof woof! 






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