Deer Ears


Deer Ear Delight

Long-Lasting Puppy Joy and Dental Wellness

These air-dried treats offer a chewy delight that’s big in size and features natural hair for added texture.
Support dental health, a lean and hypoallergenic treat, high in Vitamin B, the hair helps clean the tummy.


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Chewing on deer ears can provide various benefits for dogs. Here are some advantages:

  • Long-Lasting Entertainment: Deer ears are durable and can provide dogs with extended chewing enjoyment. This can be particularly beneficial for dogs that enjoy a satisfying chewing experience.
  • Natural Teeth Cleaning: The texture of deer ears can help naturally scrape away debris and plaque, offering additional teeth cleaning. The gnawing action can contribute to cleaner teeth and healthier gums, potentially preventing dental issues.
  • High in Protein: Deer ears are a source of high-quality protein, contributing to muscle development, maintenance, and overall body function.
  • Low in Fat: Compared to other treats, deer ears are often relatively low in fat, making them suitable for dogs on a lower-fat diet.
  • Odourless and Non-Messy: Deer ears are usually odourless and do not create a mess, making them a clean and convenient option for dogs and owners.

When it comes to treating your dog to some deer ears, remember these tips to keep things fun and safe:

Keep an eye on your doggo while they’re indulging in their first-ever deer ear delight. Supervision is the game’s name to avoid any unexpected chewing mishaps or choking hazards.

Size matters! Be sure to pick deer ears that suit your pup’s proportions. Bigger ears are for bigger buddies, and smaller ears are for petite pals.

Moderation is the key to a well-balanced treat game. Deer ears can provide dental benefits and excitement but remember to offer them in moderation so your pup keeps a balanced diet.

Expand their treat horizon with the delicious diversion of deer ears. Your dog will appreciate the dental perks and the tasty twist.

Keep these tips in mind, and let your pup enjoy the wonders of deer ears! 🦌🐾

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