Green Lipped Air Dried Mussels

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Nutritional Riches for Your Dogs

The Delightful Canine Experience

It is the best stinky treat for dogs. Rich in Omega 3 and Chondroitin, sustainably framed in NZ, 100% natural, great for the joints, and better mobility for your dog


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Green-lipped mussels, scientifically known as Perna canaliculus, are the superstars of shellfish hailing from beautiful New Zealand. These little wonders are renowned for their potential health benefits and their greatness for our furry friends. So, let’s dive into the incredible benefits that green-lipped mussels bring to our beloved dogs:

  • Joint Health Support: Say goodbye to joint woes! Packed with natural anti-inflammatory properties and omega-3 fatty acids like eicosatetraenoic acid (ETA), green-lipped mussels can help reduce inflammation and support those all-important joints. Perfect for pups struggling with arthritis or joint problems.
  • Omega-3 Goodness: It’s like a beauty treatment from the sea! Green-lipped mussels are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which means they’re great for promoting a luscious coat, reducing inflammation, and supporting cognitive function. It’s a win-win for your four-legged companion.
  • Chondroitin and Glucosamine Power: A secret recipe for healthy joints! These marvellous molluscs contain chondroitin and glucosamine, both known for their positive effects on joint health. These superhero substances help maintain cartilage and joint fluid, ensuring your dog stays mobile and agile.
  • Unleash the Mobility: Ease those aches and pains! Green-lipped mussels’ anti-inflammatory and joint-supporting properties can work wonders, especially for dogs experiencing stiffness or discomfort. Watch their spring return to their steps!
  • Skin and Coat Love: Unleash the shine! Thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids in green-lipped mussels, your dog’s coat will be the envy of the neighbourhood. Wave goodbye to pesky skin conditions and itchy allergies, and say hello to a glossy and healthy coat.
  • Antioxidant Champions: Let’s fight off those nasties! With various antioxidants, green-lipped mussels help combat oxidative stress and keep your pup’s immune system in top shape. It’s like they have their very own bodyguards!

Happy Tummy, Happy Doggo: Digestive health for the win! Overflowing with essential vitamins and minerals, green-lipped mussels contribute to an overall healthy digestive system for your furry friend. Who knew a shellfish could be such a good gut buddy?

Say hello to Mother Nature’s vitamin and mineral stash! Green-lipped mussels offer vital nutrients, including B vitamins, iron, zinc, and manganese. It’s like a mini feast of goodness in every tasty bite.

Goodbye, picky eaters! Dogs can’t resist the scrumptious taste of green-lipped mussels. Turn treat time into a flavorful adventure with these delightful delicacies. Your pup will thank you with wagging tails and happy dances!

So, why wait? Treat your furry friend to the wonders of green-lipped mussels and unlock a world of health and happiness. Your dog’s well-being will never be the same again! 

🐕‍🦺 While green-lipped mussels offer health benefits, keep in mind they’re part of a balanced and complete diet. Remember, every dog is different, so watch for any unexpected reactions and adjust portions accordingly.

Let’s keep those tails wagging and your pup’s health thriving! 🐶


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  1. mackenzie

    lovely options Jana and Felix we had a fun time choosing our treats for dusky and scooter by th way nice picture of Monty on front cover from Mackenzie

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